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Apocalypse Death Shield

Price from

[Cast Cost] [Pay 1 gauge]

Counter Choose and use one of the following two.

• During an attack on your opponent's turn, nullify that attack.

• During this turn's attack phase, all 《Black Knight》 monsters on your field are regarded as your buddy monster.

Apocalypse King of Knights, Gratos

Price from

[Call Cost] [Put up to a total of six 《Black Knight》 or 《Hundred Demons》 from your drop zone into its soul & Pay 3 gauge]

Counter [Act] Choose a card on your opponent's field, and drop a soul from this card. If you do, destroy the chosen card, and if you do, deal 3 damage to your opponent! You may only use this ability once per turn.

■ When this card is destroyed, you gain 1 life.

Double Attack Soulguard

Banquet for the Unrighteous

Price from

■ Choose and use one of the following two. You may only cast "Banquet for the Unrighteous" once per turn.

• Look at three cards from the top of your deck, put up to one monster from among them into your hand, and drop the rest.

• Put a card from your drop zone face down into the soul of a monster on your field.

Black Armor

Price from

Counter The next time damage would be dealt to you this turn, it is reduced by 2. (Even if you cast it as a Counter before damage is dealt to you, that damage can be reduced!)

Black Dragon of Demise, Death Tallica

Price from

[Call Cost] [Pay 4 gauge, then, put all 《Deep》 from your drop zone into this card's soul]

■ When this card is attacked or when this card would leave the field, you may put three cards from this card's soul to the bottom of your deck to nullify that attack, or prevent this card from leaving the field.

■ This card cannot get Soulguard.

Double Attack


Black Superior Strength, Goradori

Price from

■ This card can not be called to the center.

"Shadow Dive" This card can attack your opponent even if there is a monster in your opponent's center!

■ If there are four or more cards in your opponent's drop zone, this card gets power+3000 and critical+1!

Black Wolf, Ulbha

Price from

"Homing Instinct" When your opponent's monster is destroyed by the effect of your card, if this card is in your drop zone, you may call this card from your drop zone. "Homing Instinct" only activates once per turn.

Black-eye Demonic Dragon, Blagg Za Bath

Price from

[Call Cost] [Pay 2 gauge]

■ When this card deals damage to your opponent, put the top two cards of your opponent's deck into his or her drop zone.

■ If there are ten or more cards in your opponent's drop zone, this card gets critical+2 and Penetrate!

Double Attack

Bone Labor, Quenatar

Price from

[Act] If your opponent has no monsters on the center, choose a card in your opponent's drop zone, and this card. If you do, put the chosen card face down on your opponent's center as a monster with "size 0/power 6000/defense 6000/critical 2".

Bone Router, Grazia

Price from

[Call Cost] [Pay 1 gauge]

■ All monsters on the field cannot be returned to hand.

Counter [Act] During your attack phase, if no cards are in battle, choose a monster on your opponent's field, and this card. If you do, the chosen monster, and attack your opponent with it.

Brutal Disaster!

Price from

■ You may only cast this card if your opponent has 4 life or less, and there is a size 3 monster on your field.

[Cast Cost] [Pay 1 gauge & Discard two 《Deep》 from your hand]

■ Deal 4 damage to your opponent!