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  • Attributes: Dragonblood Sect
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Da★Dan Territory

Set (This card remains on the field)

■ All 《Dragonblood Sect》 monster on your field cannot be returned to hand or put to other areas by your opponent's card effects.

■ When a monster on your opponent's field is destroyed by your card effects, you gain 1 life, and deal 1 damage to your opponent!

King of Da★Dan

■ You may only cast this card if you have a 《Dragonblood Sect》 on your field.

■ Put up to one card from your drop zone into the soul of a 《Dragonblood Sect》 monster on your field. Then, put the top card of your deck into your gauge, and draw a card. You may only cast "King of Da★Dan" once per turn.