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  • Defense: Equal to 9000
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Armordeity, Energeia

Price from

[Call Cost] [Put the top two cards of your deck into this card's soul & Pay 5 gauge]

■ During the attack phase, nullify abilities of all cards on your opponent's field. This ability cannot be nullified.

■ This card cannot attack the left or right, and during the battle that this card is attacking alone, your opponent cannot use Counter.

Move Double Attack Soulguard

Armorknight Giraffa

[Call Cost] [Pay 4 gauge].

■ You may only call this card if you have six or more different monsters in the drop zone.

■ When this card enters the field on the left or right, you gain 4 life.

Gargantua Lost Dragon

[Call Cost] [Put a card from your drop zone into its soul & Pay 2 gauge]

Counter [Act] During your turn, call up to one 《Lostvader》 monster from your hand on top of this card by paying its [Call Cost].

■ If this card is in the soul of a monster, that monster gets Soulguard.

Double Attack Soulguard


Heavenly Specter, Yamigedo Mikazuchi

Price from

[Call Cost] [Put one or more 《Hundred Demons》 monsters from your field into this card's soul & Pay 4 gauge]

■ At the beginning of each player's turn, put up to one 《Hundred Demons》 from your deck into this card's soul, and shuffle your deck.

■ This card gets the "Thunder Mine" of the cards in its soul.

Double Attack Soulguard

Illusions Dragon, Red-cape Dragon

[Call Cost] [Pay 2 gauge]

Counter [Act] During your turn, you may destroy a 《Folktale》 monster on your field and pay 2 gauge. If you do, call this card from your hand without paying its [Call Cost].

■ If an item on your field has three or more souls, this card gets power+4000, and critical+4!


Reborn! The Hanako In The Toilet

■ This card cannot enter the field other than by 《Toilet》 item effects.

■ When this card enters the field, return all cards on your opponent's field to hand, and deal damage to your opponent equal to the number of cards returned!!

Triple Attack

Robo of Urban Legends, Hanako WC

[Call Cost] [Put this card on top of a size 3 《Toilet》 monster on your field]

■ This card can attack during your final phase.

Counter [Act] Put a 《Toilet》 item from your drop zone on the bottom of your deck. If you do, this card.