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  • Power: Equal to 30000
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Control Armament, Geargod VII

[Call Cost] [Pay 2 gauge]

■ When this card attacks and destroys your opponent's monster or deals damage to your opponent, destroy a monster on your opponent's field.

"CHAOS Drain" If this card would leave the field, you may destroy a size 3 or less monster on your field. If you do, this card remains on the field.

CHAOS Territory

Emplord, Zerberos Lost

Price from

■ This card can only be called by 《MAX Dragon》 effects.

[Call Cost] [Put a size 5 《MAX Dragon》 from your field into the drop zone]

■ When this card enters the field, destroy all cards on your opponent’s field, and deal 1 damage to your opponent for each card destroyed!

"Against All Odds" If you have only one monster on your field, all cards on your field cannot be destroyed, returned to hand or be by your opponent's card effects.

Penetrate Quadruple Attack

Quintessence of Sapience, Geargod VII

[Call Cost] [Put a monster from your field into this card's soul & Pay 2 gauge]

■ If you have four or more 《Chaos》 monsters on your field, this card's attack cannot be nullified if it is attacking alone!!

Penetrate Soulguard CHAOS Territory (If this card is on the center, you may put up to two monsters on your center.)


Remote Supervisor, Mini Geargod Black

[Call Cost] [Put up to two monsters from your field into this card's soul & Pay 2 gauge]

Counter [Act] You may put a size 3 monster with "Mini Geargod" in its card name on your field into the drop zone. If you do, destroy a card on your opponent's field. You may only use this ability once per turn.

CHAOS Territory Soulguard

Vile Demonic Dragon, Vanity Husk Destroyer

Price from

■ If this card is on the field, your opponent cannot gain life!

■ This card on the field cannot be destroyed by your opponent's card effects.

"Dimension Door - Origin -" When this card attacks, put a card from your opponent's field into the drop zone!

Double Attack

Vile Demonic Particles, Lostless Heizer

■ The gauge cost written in this card's [Equip Cost] is reduced by 1 for each card on your field.

[Equip Cost] [Pay 3 gauge]

■ This card cannot be destroyed or leave the field by your opponent's card effects.

■ This card can attack even if you have monsters on your center.

Penetrate Triple Attack