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Demon Way, Shienrekka

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Counter Choose a 《Skull Warrior》 in battle, and for this battle, give it power+3000, defense+3000, and Counterattack! (Counterattack: If this card is still on the field after being attacked, destroy a monster that attacked with defense less than or equal to this card's power)

Fourth Omni Fire Lord, Burn Nova

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Omni Lord

[Call Cost] [When your life would become 0 during your opponent's turn, pay 3 gauge, your life becomes 1, and for this turn, you cannot be dealt damage]

■ When this card enters the field, discard your entire hand, put all cards other than this card from your field into your drop zone, and for this turn, this card cannot be destroyed.

Triple Attack

Underling of the Fire Lord, Ricky

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■ You may only call this card if you have a size 3 《Raging Spirits》 on your field.

[Act] Pay 1 gauge. If you do, choose another 《Raging Spirits》 on your field, and for this turn, give it power+5000 and Penetrate!

[Act] "Disposition of the Underling" If you have a size 3 《Raging Spirits》 on your field, pay 2 gauge. If you do, put this card from your drop zone into your hand. You may only use "Disposition of the Underling" once per turn.

INV Fourth Omni Fire Lord, Venom Nova

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Omni Lord (You may use this card with all flags. You may have up to one "INV Fourth Omni Fire Lord, Venom Nova" in your deck if you use it with non-<Ancient World> flags.)

[Call Cost] [Pay 2 gauge]

■ If this card would leave the field, you may pay 2 gauge, if you do, this card remains on the field!

Penetrate Lifelink 5