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  • Poder: Igual a 2000
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Black Dragon Sword, Geilblade

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■ All 《Curse Dragon》 on your field cannot be destroyed or returned to hand and their abilities cannot be nullified by your opponent's card effects.

[Act] You may pay 1 gauge and this card. If you do, put the top card of your opponent's deck face up under their flag, then, if your opponent has two or more cards under their flag, draw a card.

Black Dragon, Dubie

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"Wrapped Souvenir" When this card is destroyed, if you have an impact Set on your field, you may pay 1 gauge. If you do, draw two cards. "Wrapped Souvenir" only activates once per turn.

Black Superior Strength, Goradori

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■ This card can not be called to the center.

"Shadow Dive" This card can attack your opponent even if there is a monster in your opponent's center!

■ If there are four or more cards in your opponent's drop zone, this card gets power+3000 and critical+1!

Black Wolf, Ulbha

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"Homing Instinct" When your opponent's monster is destroyed by the effect of your card, if this card is in your drop zone, you may call this card from your drop zone. "Homing Instinct" only activates once per turn.


Bucket Arm Dragon

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■ When this card enters the field, you may choose up to two cards from your opponent's drop zone, and put them on the bottom of your opponent's deck in any order. (Advice! Use this to foil combos which require a number of certain cards in the drop zone!)

Cavalry Dragon, Rocinante

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Counter [Act] Choose a 《Dragon Knight》 or 《Knight》 monster on your field other than "Cavalry Dragon, Rocinante", and you may pay 1 gauge. If you do, put this card from your hand or field into the chosen card's soul.

■ If this card is in the soul of a 《Dragon Knight》 or a 《Knight》, that card gets critical+1 and Soulguard.