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Finger-shot Dragon

[Act] "Recoil Gun" this card. If you do, deal 1 damage to your opponent. You may only use "Recoil Gun" once per turn.

Esta carta solo está disponible en Japón

Ninth Warrior, Nine

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■ If you are Transform into this card, this card can attack even if there is a 《Quartet Five》 in your center.

Transform [Pay 1 gauge] (If you pay the cost, equip this card from your hand or monster space, and this card is treated as an item instead of a monster.)

Takoyaki Loving, Gao

■ When this card enters the field or attacks, if you have a "Takoyaki Loving, Drum" on your field, put the top card of your deck into your gauge.

Esta carta solo está disponible en Japón