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Wolf of Mibu

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Counter Choose a 《Shinsengumi》 in battle, and for this battle, give it power+5000, defense+5000, and Counterattack. (Counterattack: If this card is still on the field after an attack, choose a monster that attacked with defense less than or equal to this card's power, and destroy it.)

Dragon Barrier

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Counter For this turn, the next time a size 2 or greater monster on your field would be destroyed, it remains on the field.

■ (Advice: You can counter with this card after you know it's going to be destroyed! So stay calm and counter!)

Emperor Shield

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[Cast Cost] [Pay 5 gauge]

■ If you have two or more 《Tarot》 on the field, you may choose not to pay the [Cast Cost] of this card.

■ You may only cast this card when your opponent casts an impact.

Counter Nullify the impact cast by your opponent. (Gargantua Punisher!! cannot be nullified, so it will not work!)

Mission Card "Defeat Monsters!"

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[Cast Cost] [Pay 1 gauge]

■ When an opponent's monster is destroyed by an attack of your 《Adventurer》, put the top card of your deck face down into this card's soul.

■ When this card's soul becomes 2 or more, put this card into the drop zone, and put all the cards from this card's soul into your hand.

■ You may only have one "Mission Card "Defeat Monsters!"" on your field.

Demon Break Slash

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■ You may only cast this card during an attack on your opponent's turn and if you do not have a monster in the center.

[Cast Cost] [Pay 1 gauge]

Counter Destroy a size 1 or less monster on your opponent's field!