BT03 - Booster Pack Vol. 3: Drum’s Adventures

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Armorknight Cerberus "A"

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[Call Cost] [Pay 1 gauge]

[Act] If you have 5 life or less, you may put this card from the field into the soul of your 《Weapon》.

■ If this card is in the soul of your 《Weapon》, that 《Weapon》 gets critical+2.

[Act] "Roaring Charge!" If this card is in the soul of your 《Weapon》, you may pay 3 gauge. If you do, for this turn, that 《Weapon》 gets critical+3.

Barbarish Anger-!

[Cast Cost] [Pay 3 gauge]

■ You may only cast this card if your opponent has 3 life or less, neither you nor your opponent has a monster in the center, and you have an item equipped.

■ Deal 3 damage to your opponent!!

Big Surprise Pandora

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■ When this monster is destroyed, play "Rock-Paper-Scissors" with your opponent only once! Deal 1 damage to the player who does not win! (In other words, if it is a draw, both players will be dealt 1 damage.)

Brave Equipment, Glory Seeker

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[Equip Cost] [Discard a card from your hand]

"Miracle Revival" If your life would become 0, put this card into the drop zone, reveal the top card of your deck, and discard it. If that card is a spell, your life becomes 3!


Brave, Drum

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[Call Cost] [Pay 1 gauge & Put the top card of your deck into this card's soul]

"Junk Drill" When this card attacks your opponent's monster in the center, play "Rock-Paper-Scissors" with your opponent. If you win, for this turn, this card gets Penetrate.

Soulguard (If this card would leave the field, you may discard one soul to prevent it)

Bucket Arm Dragon

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■ When this card enters the field, you may choose up to two cards from your opponent's drop zone, and put them on the bottom of your opponent's deck in any order. (Advice! Use this to foil combos which require a number of certain cards in the drop zone!)

Bye Bye Later!

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■ Put a size 2 or less monster from the field to the gauge. (Your opponent's monster is put into his or her gauge, and your monster is put into your gauge!)

Dangerous Fuse

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■ Look at the top two cards of your deck, reveal one card to your opponent. Return the cards face down, shuffle them, and your opponent picks a card at random from the two cards. If the card chosen by your opponent has the same card name as the card revealed with this effect, put the two cards into your hand. If it is not, put the two cards into your gauge. You may only cast "Dangerous Fuse" once per turn.

Demon Lord, Gagnar

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[Call Cost] [Pay 2 gauge]

"Dark Vortex" When this card enters the field, return all cards from your gauge into your deck, shuffle your deck, and put the top three cards from your deck into your gauge.

Lifelink 2 (When this card leaves the field, you take damage equal to the Lifelink amount.)

Demon Lord's Dungeon

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Set (This card remains on the field.)

■ You may only cast this card if you have a 《Demon Lord》 on your field.

■ At the beginning of your turn, you may pay the [Call Cost] and call a size 1 or less 《Dungeon Enemy》 from your drop zone.


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