H-BT03 - Hundred Booster Pack Vol. 3: Assault of the Omni Lords

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[Call Cost] [Pay 1 gauge & Put the top card of your deck into this card's soul]

Soulguard (If this card would leave the field, you may discard one soul to prevent it)

Lifelink 1 (When this card leaves the field, you take damage equal to the Lifelink amount.)

Armorider Dragon Emperor, Suvarious

[Call Cost] [Put two spells from your hand into this card's soul]

■ If this card is on the field, you cannot cast spells.

Counter [Act] When your opponent casts a spell, you may pay 1 gauge, and discard a spell from your hand. If you do, nullify the spell cast by your opponent.

Double Attack Soulguard Lifelink 5

Baptism Knight, Kamil

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[Call Cost] [Pay 1 gauge]

■ When this card enters the field, if you have an item equipped, search your deck for up to one 《Knight》 item, put it into your hand, and shuffle your deck.

■ When this card attacks, if you have two items equipped, put the top card of your deck into your gauge.


Darkness Final Mission Card "World End!"

Set (This card remains on the field.)

■ When a 《Demon Lord》 on your field attacks, put the top card of your deck into this card's soul face down.

■ At the end of your attack phase, if there are five or more cards in this card's soul, destroy all cards on your opponent's field, his or her life becomes 1, and destroy this card.

Descend Dragon Emperor, Everrock

[Call Cost] [Pay 1 gauge]

■ When an opponent's card attacks, change the target of the attack to this card.

■ If you and your opponent each have one monster on the field, this card gets power+2000, defense+2000 and cannot be destroyed by effects.

Lifelink 2