Danger World

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Violent Thunder Evil Demon, Tyrant Demon

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[Call Cost] [Put a monster from your field into this card's soul & Pay 2 gauge]

■ When this card attacks and destroys your opponent's monster or deals damage to your opponent, you gain life equal to this card's critical.

Double Attack Soulguard

Violent Thunder, Armorknight Cerberus

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[Call Cost] [Pay 1 gauge]

[Act] Put another monster from your field into this card's soul.

■ When an item on your field attacks, choose a card on your opponent's field, and you may put a soul from this card into the drop zone. If you do, destroy the chosen card.

Move Soulguard


Weapon of Destruction, Dragoon

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[Call Cost] [Pay 2 gauge]

■ If you have an item equipped, reduce the size of this card on your field by 1.

"CHAOS Power" At the beginning of each player's attack phase, destroy a monster on your opponent's left or right!

Overkill [Pay 1 gauge during your main phase] Choose a monster on your field, and for this turn, give it Penetrate and its attack cannot be nullified if it is attacking alone!!

Wicked Giant, Trasharges

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[Call Cost] [Pay 1 opponent's gauge]

■ At the start of your attack phase, if your opponent has 1 or less gauge, for this turn, this card gets Double Attack.

■ When this card is destroyed, destroy a card on your opponent's field.